Friday, July 27, 2007

Photography Staging - Britney Spears' Camera hits a Photographer

You can't have it both ways Britney. You can’t court the media, tipping you off places and then getting angry when they show up and shoot you when don’t find it convenient. I do feel sad for her though. She’s fired her assistant, her parents are no longer in her life and she had no family structure growing up. Basically her money is her friend, but I am sure at some point that will run out on her too.

(SPLASH) Britney Spears defied a court order by taking her children to Las Vegas on Thursday. Unfortunately for the former pop star, she failed to get written permission from Kevin Federline, who shares 50/50 joint custody, to take the kids out of state. Once K-Fed got wind of Britney’s illegal Sin City visit, he demanded that she return to Los Angeles with their children.

Spears’ stay in Vegas was all-too-brief and totally disastrous. Britney’s bodyguard, Julie “JC” Camera, got into a fight with a paparazzo by the name of Kyle Henderson at the Wynn Hotel, Us Weekly is reporting. Camera allegedly shoved the photog in the chest and accidentally hit toddler Tater Tot in the process.

The paparazzo then alleges that Spears started yelling while Camera tackled his partner to the ground and began punching.

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