Friday, August 10, 2007


Says Roger Friedman of, but Roger it also supports anti-gay, misogynist and racism folks too. I think that is what the show is about, changing, growing and learning or maybe its just about selfish greed folks like you stated. Sure I would like to see Amber flogged and burned at the stake, but I think that as the show plays out, maybe she will have a change of heart and grow to see that these judgments are misplaced. In the end she has torpedoed her life and career because instead of being just the inept show that Friedman talks about, he has now given it the publicity he thought it didn’t deserve. Anti-Semitic Rant on CBS' 'Big Brother 8' If you don't watch 'Big Brother' on CBS, you're not missing anything. Every summer they trot this turkey out so we can watch hideous human beings compete for money while the cameras roll and host Julie Chen rolls her eyes. This summer has been no exception. Normally, these people just expose their greed and stupidity. This is a group of people, after all, who in eight seasons have never cracked a book or discussed anything other than their appearances. But two nights ago on CBS' overnight feed on Showtime Networks, a player named Amber Siyavus Tomcavage stirred things up. The 27-year-old Las Vegas cocktail waitress must have forgotten that the cameras were on when she — under her breath — had a long discourse with housemate Jameka about "the Jews." The essence of Amber's complaint? That Jews she has met are "bad" people, and you could tell them by either their noses or their names. This is what happened in a similar situation on BB 8 in the UK The result was this You decide? Flood with your opinions
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