Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jesse Archer: In the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection

Last year I was in NYC for the the Freshpair Underwear Day. This year I was in Philly and one of the models from the Freshpair Underwear Day happened in my view finder. Jesse Archer, who some of you may know as staring in "Slutty Summer"According to one reviewer: In the 2004 indie "Slutty Summer", twenty-something novelist Marcus (Casper Andreas, who is also the film's writer - director -producer -editor) comes home to find his lover of four years cheating on him, and sends him packing. To make ends meet, his friend Marilyn gets him a job as a waiter at the trendy Manhattan cafe, which has more than its share of gay waiters-wannabe-actors. Marcus becomes friends with the campy, slutty Luke (a scene-stealing role played by newcomer Jesse Archer), the old-fashioned Peter, and gorgeous-but-shallow Tyler.

and currently starring in "A Four Letter Word" Bursting with color and imbued with a sensibility that's pop to its very core, A Four Letter Word is the story of a bar-cruising hottie who finally falls in love...with the wrong guy! Crackling and popping like a mouthful of the juiciest bubble gum you'll ever chew, Casper Andreas's (Slutty Summer) second film is a gay romantic comedy that's as sweet as they come. Wittily co-written by star Jesse Archer (who also starred in Andreas' first film), A Four Letter Word is the perfect break from the more serious world cinema in this year's festival!

On Wednesday night Jesse stopped by Where publisher Laura Burkhardt's birthday party at the Presidential Suite in the Park Hyatt. On Thursday evening he read from his new book "You Can't Run" at Giovanni's room. There was a fairly good crowd considering it was the same night as "Philly Gay Day" at Citizen Bank Park where the Phillies were later rained out against the Florida Marlins. Then finally something we have all learned from this blog over the past year or so, where there's an event, there's an afterparty. Here Jesse is literally in the middle of all the sponsors that put on the event over for the day. James Duggan, David Wagman of Capriccio's Cafe, Thom Cardwell, BUCKmonkey, Laura Burkhardt, Dennis & Steve owners of Tavern on Camac.

As usual it was interesting to see from a paparazzi view of how these events happen. Laura and Jesse became fast friends at the film festival in July. She invited him down to celebrate her birthday, suggested a book reading as I know that everyone who had read his book up to that point was excited to see it get publicized (and I can tell you now that I have read it, it is a summer read, Jesse Archer is not only easy on the eyes, but is funny as hell too!!) and then a phone call or two later to the bookstore, dance club and refreshments, and the gig is in place. I am always fascinated to see how the magic happens. A confession, I did spend a little one on one time in conversation with our friend Jesse, and like Madonna in "Desperately Seeking Susan", I am not sure if he is acting, or just being himself in both of his movies. He's fun, flirty and dangerously delicious. One of my favorite lines from the evening was when Jesse told us that the difference between the first movie and the 2nd movie was the releasing company told them "You have to show your pickle, if you want to make a nickel", so that means there's a little bit of nudity in "A Four Letter Word", which is an added bonus to a really fun storyline. If you want to read more about Jesse on the brink of stardom, fame or his next project, check out his blog at Plus he tells a fun little story about the Freshpair Underwear Day in NYC.


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