Thursday, August 09, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Last Red Carpet Ride For Some Time

A few months back I covered the Georgia Rule's Red Carpet premiere, who knew it would be the last one for Ms. Lohan for a long while as sadly her star doesn't shine so brightly, she's in rehab again, and facing jail time for her 2nd DUI and drug possession. (NYC Fashion Week will be oh so boring without her [9/4/07 - 9/12/07])
Any photo of a Lindsay, Paris or Britney is money in the bank. So this premiere really brought out the celebrity photographers (as my pap friends like to be called). So even though Ms Lohan is being interviewed to our right, and there is shit in the way, like rigs and mikes, we want that extra shot, a flick of the hair, a scrunched up nose, scratching her head, whatever shot could be unique and might give us an edge over the competition (other paps down the shute; the red carpet is long, and set up like this. Limos drop off people, they get photographed by the first set of paps, then do media, then more photographers, then media, then it was our group, then media, then the entrance to the theater, where the inside photographers wait.) SO a shot that the other photographers don't have is more money in the bank for our group.
In the above picture you can see Lindsay being interviewed by the TV media on the left, and in the background you see her sister Ali waiting for her big sister so they can go into the theater together. The paparazzi, er I mean celebrity photographer's see an angle that they didn't get which is "The Two Shot", Lindsay and Ali together. They yell, and scream for the "Two Shot", one guy even says if he gets the shot he can paint his living room with the proceeds. This clip shows the desperate attempts to get that shot...
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