Friday, August 10, 2007

Memo to Kate Bosworth

Must not turn back to fan line

when wearing off the shoulder dress with a boney ass back. Doesn't the girl own a three way mirror, or have stylists? I guess we should be grateful that she seems to be eating again, as her face has filled out and she looks fabulous in that department. I can totally understand the not eating thing, as this past week I went to several events with a a lot skinny bitches where there was a tray of sweets, and I didn't want to touch the thing. It was a better incentive than my Nutr-system diet.

"The 11th Hour Premiere" in LA (Disclaimer: I borrowed these photos from another site, if they are yours I will kindly take them off if you'd like? They were not sourced at the other site, so there is no source on this site, I have no idea who's photos they are)


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