Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New York City Spring 2008 Fashion Week begins in Two Weeks

I have my photo schedule and it will be a dizzying 5 days for shooting for me. Parties, parties, celebrities, models and clothes. Although from a paparazzi stand point this article on Fashionista is very disturbing: Have Celebs Deserted Fashion Week? The reason the celebrities say they won't be showing up for the NYC Fashion Week is because they can't stand the paparazzi taking their photos!! HELLO they love the paparazzi taking their photos, that is why they show up, they are whores for publicity, especially the D-list celebrities or someone out to promote somtehing (If they really had a complaint it would be I hate the lack of security and the fans who outnumber the paparazzi 10 – 1). For the past three season's I have been going and if someone didn't want to be photographed they would just walk on by. Rarely did that happend. Plus if they really didn't want to be photographed they would go through the front doors, where there are few paparazzi's and skip the back door. The article goes on to say the real reason is because designers are tired of the attention celebrities get, and not the clothes that they are debuting. That was one of the reasons they downplayed the whole "Supermodel" syndrome that was so popular in the 90s and 90s. Celebrities or not, I will be there to cover the action and bring it to you.
Lindsay Lohan leaves by a side entrance from the Tents at Bryant Park after attending a show that featured her sister Ali Lohan..
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