Monday, August 13, 2007

While waiting for Mark Wahlberg at his Hotel

Who should appear, but the Def Leppard band. Ok well not all at once, but two of them, with a sighting of the famous one arm drummer inside. When I walked up to the spot appropriate to wait for Mark I ran into an "autograph collector" that I met a few weeks back, so I knew I was in the right place. These guys are cut from the same cloth as the NY folks and hold their information tight to the vest. But after awhile they see I come in peace, I am in the action for another reason and things get a little more relaxed, thankfully because I would have never known who the heck this was. Just some scraggly old rich man with some golf clubs. Turns out it was Rick Savage the bassist from Def Leppard who's not very old, but has apparantly lived a hard life. Now he golfs in between gigs. About 10 minutes later the lead singer Joe Elliott strolled by with his wife. Now again I had no idea who he was, thankfully the "dealers" did and called out his name, he turned and I shot this, foolishly, I didn't feel like running up and asking for a photo as I really didn't know who he was.
It was just as well as one of the dealers did go up and ask for a 'graph and a photo, but he didn't want to pose as he looked like shit, he said. So you know me, I would have gotten a no, and would have not shot it anyway after. Otherwise I wouldn't be known as the "gentleman paparazzi" as they call me in NYC. The reason Def Leppared were in town is they had a gig at Hershey Park (with Foreigner/Styx) on Sunday and tonight, according to their web page, they are playing Jone's Beach outside NYC. It gives me great pleasure to know that they prefer to stay in Philly rather than NYC before their gig which is 15 miles north of Times Square!!
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