Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Graduation Day - Kanye West CD Signing at FYE New York City

Lucky me, on my way to the Tents last week, I passed by FYE and a whole bunch of people waiting for what I later found out would be a late schedule Kanye West "Graduation" signing of his new CD. These people heard the news to and got here at about 4AM, but they are first in line and the line goes down the block. About 500 people waiting for Kanye's signing to begin at 10:30AM. He was late, finally arriving about 11:30AM.
At some point Fifty Cents promoters showed up and began signing Fifty songs. The crowd of Kanye fans booed them down. (At some point when I find the cord to my camera I will be downloading this events happenings)Finally the big moment arrived, and I was the only photographer to capture the event. And since I sent these shots to my agency you gotta deal with the watermark. This might be the only promo he does, because after losing all five moonmen nominations on MTV's Music Awards, he's been cancelling promo gigs left and right. - Watch more free videos
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