Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Masses Will Be Worshiping Debbie Harry Once More

Last night I spotted this Iconic beauty departing from the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show. I noticed something interesting about her dress, seems there's a face on her dress. Is it Jesus, Elvis? Do you see it? a close up Whatever it is, I worship Blondie anyday of the week. She looks fabulous at 62 and doesn't seem to mind that she’s no blonde no more. Fashion Week for me is done and it was fucking amazing. I am exhausted. For the last 7 days I have been in and out, and up and staying in New York experiencing Fashion Week like I never did before (from Sunday morning til Tuesday Evening I literally got 5 hrs sleep). But I took a lot of video, I have a lot of behind the scene stories, and you will know how those photos that you see in the glossies came about, you will be there, and you will know. Hopefully I will get on the case shortly while I recover from my week.
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