Thursday, September 20, 2007


A few weeks back The Happening was hot and heavy filming in Philadelphia (I wrote about it on my other blog with photos of Mark Wahlberg taken my friend I couldn't make it that day, but the next day I had read they were near Rittenhouse Square and I ran over there. After shooting a few shots from a distance, the PR person on the set chatted me up, and then allowed me to get a little closer to shoot these of M. Night Shylamen.

Everday a notice comes out of the Casting Department. here's the latest:

Tomorrow they are shooting here: THE HAPPENING Shooting Info SHOOTING INFO FOR THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2007 SAG members: this is a WEATHER PERMIT CALL. THIS is a CLOSED SET. Only those on the list will be permitted.

NO Cameras, all cell phones MUST be turned off. EVERYONE MUST REPORT TO THE CREW PARKING AREA . Look for the YELLOW directional signs that say, “TH”. ONLY THOSE LISTED BELOW should report at 7:15 AM in the MORNING.Klaus, KyleDePino, LaurenWilson, BlairBlagrave, Richard ONLY THOSE LISTED BELOW should report at 10:00AM in the MORNING. Mabry, Erica DIRECTIONS To CREW PARKING :Plumsteadville Volunteer Fire Company5064 Stump RdPlumsteadville, PA 18949 This is NORTH BUCKS COUNTY (Near Doylestown…)! Give yourself time.From Philadelphia: Ya wanna get paid, well prove you are a US citizen: On most feature films, you need to prove that you are a US citizen in order to get PAID.The government REQUIRES this form to be completed.This usually entails showing your drivers license AND social security card OR a passport. If you do not have a drivers license, your birth certificate is usable, too. (A resident alien or "green card" is also usable) There are other options, if you're unsure - check out for other choices.Once you have worked, keep your copy of the pay voucher in case you have any questions/problems with your check (when it arrives). Checks are usually issued within 2 weeks of shooting.Any problems with the check should be referred to the PAYROLL COMPANY listed on the check Do's and Don't's of Background Work At booking:­ Be sure that you are available for the day (and night!). Many times, a shooting day can be 14-16 hours long. Please don’t commit to the day if you can’t complete the day.­ Many times, extras are booked on very short notice. Please be sure we have the best number where you can be reached at all times. Keep your cell phone turned on!­ Know your union status. If you are non-union, you may receive a “waiver” for the day.

Have a pen and paper ready! You will be given:· Wardrobe specifications - listen carefully, these will be specific. What season clothing should you bring? Are there any colors prohibited? Usually, Black, white, red, wild colors and logos are prohibited.· Location to report – Be sure you know where you’re going. Buy a good map of the area. (unfortunately, the internet maps are NOT reliable)· Call time – Be on time! The production company has the right to dismiss (without pay) any extra who is late for call time (even ONE MINUTE!) Take into consideration if your call time is around rush hour or if there is construction along your way.· You are not officially booked until you receive a call time. Call times are generally not released until the film finishes shooting on the previous day. You may not get that call until late in the evening. If it is a night shoot, we probably will call you the morning of the shooting day with your call time.·

Pay attention to your “wrangler”. There is always a crew member assigned to background talent. He/she needs to know where you are at ALL times. Please don’t wander outside of assigned areas.· Cell phones and pagers must be off or on vibrate! Also, leave cameras at home.· If they request to use your car in the shot, be sure it has a full tank of gas. You may also be asked to bring a specific prop ( briefcase, bookbag, etc.) Generally, you are reimbursed for use of these things.

This site has much better information on the film shoot and current photos:


Blogger moviemerlin said...

Ah, being the film buff that I am, I did enjoy this post. So informative :)

No wonder I can't work there... my Aussie passport won't allow it! Ppffffttt..

9/20/2007 5:52 AM  
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