Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nikki Sixx signs copies of his new book 'The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star' at Borders Bookstore in Philadelphia, Pa

Fans waiting in anticipation for Nikki Sixx to appear. I have to say I had no idea who he was, I had just been watching the "wires" over the past few weeks and saw photos where he was doing a lot of book signings which caused me to do some research and I found out that he was coming to the Borders in Center City. When I arrived they had a nice set up for the photographers, well nice for us, it was in front of these fans. For me it was great to see some of the local photographers who I have met over the past 9 months as I try to establish myself here in Philly. One of the guys told me he has actually quit his day job and is able to make a living in Philly photographing celebrities. That was really a big deal, I must not be trying hard enough, I can barely pay my memory cards off. He says he will take me around and show me a few things, which would be great as the year is coming to a close and I really want to get something in a glossy magazine or two.
The moment has arrived. Unlike most book signings, Nikki started right off by signing books for fans, bypassing us paparazzi's and not posing with the book in his hand, which is the "money shot." He did respond to a couple of requests. So it wasn't all that bad.
This story really moved me. The girl on the left stated to Nikki that she was in Narcotics Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous and when she was 30 days in rehab she had read his book and it inspired her, she would say "if Sixx could do it, then I can do it too!". Today, the book signing day, she had just returned form a meeting and celebrated 90 DAYS clean. She handed Sixx her 30 day coin and wanted him to keep it. He was really touched. As she walked away she broke down, I went over and comforted her, congratulating her, and gave her my card and said write me I will send all 15 shots I took of you and your meeting with Sixx. She's got them now.The man
Let the signing begin, no personal items, but books, cd's and body parts were fine
Melinda traveled all the way from Nashville Tn for an autograph One of the photographers asked Nikki Sixx to wave to a young fan in the back, then I got my money shot. We will have to wait and see if this one sells. I do know that tomorrow another shot I took will be in the Philadelphia Inquirer which is awesome. That makes 7 photos in the local papers that I have gotten published since July. I am still having fun, but I have to say it's a whole lot different than NYC where you can get 5 - 10 celebs a day, and in Philly you are lucky to get one a week (OK last week I got 3, photos to come.) Either way I think I will keep my day job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SIXX RULEZ! What a great spread, HughE! I LOVE SIXX! He makes some of the best ever rock'n'roll music - did i say best ever?!! I didn't even know that SIXX was coming to Philly - damn! Well, a HughE spread is the next best thing to being there, at least. Thanx HughE!

10/01/2007 2:21 PM  
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