Wednesday, September 19, 2007

P Diddy is throwing a Party and You Are Invited

The last time I saw P Diddy he was ducking into his Mid-Town Hotel after flying the Red, Drunk, Fucked Up Eye back to NYC after partying all night long with Paris Hilton after the MTV Music Awards. Well he must have looked like shit, because P, who loves his press and never turns down a pap for a photo to promote something, gave me a series of shots like the following:
But tonight you are invited to a P Diddy party, where you will not only witness Diddy in his finest duds, but everything that goes on at a Diddy do because you are invited, and will see everything that goes on via the Diddy Cam That's right, Sean "Diddy" Combs and Sean John Fragrances will launch their first women's scent, Unforgivable Woman with a celebrity filled event that everyone can view on-line. Making history once again, Unforgivable is the first fragrance to host a launch party to be broadcast live on the internet, allowing millions of viewers to have unlimited VIP access to the red carpet arrivals and even go inside this celebrity packed event. Located inside a $35 million mansion in one of New York's most exclusive neighborhoods, the party is sure to be the most glamorous and exciting night of the yearGuest celebrity hosts will guide viewers through the party. They will be your connection to the happenings at the hottest party of the year. Via instant message, hosts will ask user-generated questions to Diddy and the other celebrities strolling down the red carpet. And, it will all happen LIVE.To be a part of all of the excitement, log on to the live webcast at
tonight, September 19th from 10pm-12am EST. You can party with Diddy and Unforgivable no matter where in the world you are. (More than likely the after party will be at the Marquee, so if your in the Apple just head on over there and see the Diddy in person) UPDATE: I should have posted this before, but Diddy's perfume ad has been banned from all advertising markets, but you can catch a clip here: And then you decide, Was it too Risque for MTV? Then check out this one on one clip with an up close and personal Diddy spraying "Unforgivable" on our new sexy video vixen Frasco: Maybe Diddy will come to your office and do the Unforgivable!


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