Monday, September 17, 2007


I arrived in NYC on the afternoon bus, I stopped taking Amtrak as $90 R/T tickets were getting a bit expensive for me. I stopped off at the theater where the movie premiere was to take place. Nothing was set up yet, so I decided to hit two or three hotels to see if anyone was around, it was Fashion Week, so someone was definitely going to be around. At the second spot I went to, I ran into Ray and his wife. They are the paps that always go to Regis & Kelly every morning. If you see a shot of Kelly, like in People Magazine this past week where she is playing football in heels, well Ray took that shot. He started out as a fan, like I did, and the next thing ya know, someone suggested he get a camera and shoot celebs he saw at Regis & Kelly. His wife still collects the autographs in a book which they will be saving for their son's inheritence. He takes the photos of the celebs, and if there is someone she really likes, he will take a "two shot." Ray didn't know me from Adam, but I knew of him and I strike up a conversation. He says I know who you are waiting for, I said I am just trolling. He tells me who is coming out. And since I know that Ray and I shoot for the same outfit, I mention that I will not submit these shots to that agency, but will submit them to another one. He was nice enough to mention who was inside, and he has to feed his family. I am just doing this for fun, and hopefully a photo in People by the end of the year.
Queen Latifah exits the hotel with her mother, except I didn't know it was her mother, Ray tells me.
A close up shot of the above is published by the NY Daily News for Ray. I secretly kick myself, I didn't even turn this shot into my agency as I thought the others were better; not the one below either. Queen says good-bye to mom, and is ready for an interview with CBS this morning. I thought I got plenty of shots (ie invaded Queen's space) and thought I would give her space, but then I see Ray across the street shooting and thought what the heck, I want in on that action too. I cross columbus ave dodging cars. I also want to see the reaction of people and the fact that this big ass star is walking among themonly this crazy bum bothers Queen, but she doesn't seem flustered and instead engages him in conversation This is my money shot, except no one bought it so you get to see it and it can be your free shot. Anyway Queen isn't all happy about me, but the kids that are standing right in front of me. I love this shot and there's a good chance it will show up on Ebay someday. later after the interview and a walk in Central Park, Queen goes to the corner to cross the street. I love the reaction on these young kids, they are as excited as I am Queen crosses the street the only way someone would that doesn't want to get hit by a crazy NYC taxi driver going around Columbus Circle Queen decides she wants to go shopping and she ducks into the Time Warner building for a few things. I let her continue on her way, as I had the money shot, I thought!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you see the awesomely, firey red outfit that our lil' Diva Latifah wore to the Emmy's the other night?

Cojocaro thought, what we already knew: that she is the bomb!

9/18/2007 7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also: if I were Latifah, I'd probably lead ya all into some kinky fetish sex joint, just for the thrill of it! ;)

9/18/2007 7:40 AM  
Blogger HughE Dillon said...

I was hoping I would get a shot of her with her girlfriend again. it was ironic that I would see Queen and Jodie the same day, two gay girls in the closet.

9/18/2007 8:14 AM  
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