Thursday, October 04, 2007


OK these shots weren't really taken in Philly, but in NYC last month during fashion week. I was just saving them for this weekend in honor of Bruce and the E-Street band coming to town.

He wears this religious symbols on his new CD cover. These shots were taken during Fashion Week in NYC. My friends and I were hanging outside of Tom Fords store on Madison Ave trying to see who would show up at this event, we had no idea who would come, and that's exactly what a paparazzi is, random/candid shots of celebrities. As we were waiting there we saw a huge SUV waiting at a light about a block away, and all these "autograzzi's" were chasing it on FOOT, with albums in their hands. As it pulled up we could see the album cover. As a MAJOR BRUCE fan I couldn't believe my dumb luck. And even better than that, I was the only person to get the "two" shot of them together...

as they arrived. I love how she is looking right at me, and in close-ups he is looking at me to and probably wondering when this brick wall of a guy is going to either move out of my way or trip walking backwards, because that is how these shots are taken, walking backwards very quickly.

Sometimes when you see a headshot of an actor, it really is just a close cropped shot of another photo. This is the same photo as above, but just cropped. These are good shots to create for stock photos so that when a magazine or a newpaper has something to write on a different subject rather than them going to Tom Ford's party, like for instance the comments Bruce made on Sixty Minutes about being a patriotic American, well maybe they would want to use a current photo of him, but not one where he is walking with his wife. Then this would be the shot, it's called a "Stock Shot."

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