Thursday, October 04, 2007

David Lee Roth Exercising his Oral Fixation and signing for the autograzzi in PhillyWood

I have to say every time I think things are slowing down for me in the celebrity department, maybe even thinking about retiring and going back to my landscapes and greeting card hobbybusiness, I get a celebrity rush, an excellent shot, "The Money Shot" and the drug hits me again. I see a crowd near a stage door, or an exit from a hotel, flashes are going off, and I get that adrenalin rush as I pull out my camera to capture something that I know is going to be awesome.I love shooting celebrities, I am never gonna get rich by doing it in Philadelphia, but my guy is here , family and to tell you the truth I love the managebility of the City (I would never have said that 10 months ago, can you believe its almost a year since I moved back) Plus NYC is only 100 minutes away and is a cinch to get too. But I will confess, I am trying to concentrate on Philly more, as I have been surprised to find several really friendly and helpful paparazzi's in this City, and surprisingly, more than a few celebrities pass through weekly. Speaking of celebrities, here's David Lee Roth (with an oral fixation), someone I never saw before, leaving his hotel, signing for the "autograzzi's". Lucky me I was just walking home from work, but was curious if Van Halen was staying at the Four Seasons or the Rittenhouse, but for me the Four is on my way home and that's where I caught them about 5:30PM. I 'hosed' him down, and but only got about 5 good shots as the crowd grew. Thankfully the security guards let me walk around the security gates and shoot most of my shots. (Glad I carry that monster around)After it was done, the 'autograzzi's got into their car, which as usual was parked illegally in the fire lane. Those 'graphs must be worth it if they are willing to risk a $500 fine. If you check out my local blog, I review the "autograzzi's" definition and the prices they get for their 'graphs.
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