Saturday, October 06, 2007

A Few Candids From Last Nights 40th Anniversary Gala of the New Line Cinema

First of all let me tell you, never, ever take a bus from Philly to NYC on a Friday, on a three day columbus holiday weekend and think that the bus will arrive in the 2 hr time period. It took 4 hours and I missed the arrivals, specifically Nicole Kidman:( The train would have only took 80 mins. But before that happened, as I was walking through Times Square on my way to the Time Warner building at 59th Street (I wasn't in that big of a rush thinking I missed the opportunity to get any good shots), anyway, I ran into Ms Deborah Gibson leaving the Hard Rock Cafe. No I had no idea she would be there. In NYC you could swing a cat, as they say, and hit a celebrity. You just have to look. After accidently calling her Debbie, she looked my way and gave me a couple great shots. TONIGHT you can catch Deborah Gibson @

B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill (NYC), 8:00pm 237 West 42 St New York 10001

Although I was too late to stand in the press box, I did get a nifty spot in the fan area. Fran Drescher was nice with the fans Jennifer Hudson who was sweet as can be. I think that is her boyfriend next to her. I should have asked. It must be a very heady experience for them. I know when I am at these events my adrenlin is pumping, the excitement is thick and the energy is pulsating. WOWsee Ricki Lake, who says she didn't have the surgery and just does a Nutri-system like program John Waters, who told me that Cry Baby was coming along nicely and thanks for askingI did a bad thing, as I slip further and further into my paparazzi hole. I noticed Jane Fonda slip out a side door, and walk towards her car. Having given me a sourpuss earlier in the evening, I really wanted to get the shot (that didn't have a chance in hell in selling as shes not 20 anymore, but I still wanted it) So I run after her, Jane could I just get a photo. Slam went the door, then I did the unthinkable, I say with a chuckle, I shot her through the closed heavily tinted window and guess what, I got the shot!! Note Jane is dating a man that looks like Ted Turner
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