Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Miscellaneous & Brad Pitt Stuff

Did I mention my house is being renovated, so I have to use my partner's computer which does not have my library of photos and stories so that I can share with you. This shot of Brad Pitt, yest brad unleavened Pitt, who looks like a kid, was taken by Parade magazine for an article that is currently running in it. The reason I am referencing it is I spoke to a friend of mine who has been chasing Pitt all around town as he films a movie with George Clooney. Seems Brad and Angie are living at the Waldorf-Astoria but it is impossible to get a shot, autograph or even a sighting there as there's a hideaway driveway and the Pitt's are always chauffeured, and I don't blame them, especially after the next story. My friend tells me that he saw Brad at the Sheraton Hotel last Friday, and asked him several times for a picture with. Brad flat out refused. My friend asked me if I thought that was odd. I said no not at all, didn't you see him at the Sheraton on Wednesday, when he went there to speak at Clinton's forum and he turned you down. My friend said "yeah, but this time he was alone with no bodyguard." I'm not sure that made a difference, I said if I were Brad I would be doubly scared of you two as he probably recognized you and thought for sure you are stalking him. Don't you already have a shot of him "yep", then what's the point. "Well he's wearing something different today." All I can say is geez I wish I had the time that my friend has- LOL
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