Sunday, October 14, 2007


It's Star going into the Janet Jackson move last week "Why did I get Married". Star exits her Limo at 7:44PM Star doesn't want to pose for the outside photographers, says she is just there as a friend and not to be photographed. (Hmm maybe she knew her dress was too tight for a favorable shot) waves the shooters off and continues her sprint towards the front door ignores my call, "What are you wearing?" [it's too tight] loves hearing her name called and smiles, glad that someone is finally pleading with her, Star I want you, Star I need you, words her husband probably never spouts. Tells the photographers that she will be right back
she's booed says she is late, and has to go, bowing for forgiveness. But personally this is the best shot for me, as it shows that Star still has an inflated ego of herself if she thought she could fit in this dress. I love her courtsey (why wasnt this shot sold to People?) doesn't break a sweat, and makes it inside in record time she's in at 7:44 and 25 seconds


Anonymous Anonymous said...

she's no shining star!

10/15/2007 5:09 PM  

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