Sunday, October 28, 2007

Terrence McNally Christens the Suzanne Roberts Stage

***These gigs in Philly are great, first of all the PR bends over backwards to make sure you are in the right spot to get your photos, then they offer you food and drink and finally you get to see a once in a lifetime play for free and if you want you can take photos, no flash please. *** Terrence McNally and Producing Artistic Director Sara Garonzik "An Evening with Terrence McNally and Friends," played for ONE NIGHT at the newly built Philadelphia Suzanne Roberts Theatre. A humble McNally addressed the patrons who sponsored the ultra-modern, great-sounding, 365-seat theater. He got down on hands and knees and kissed the stage, saying that he does usually does this in private at theaters where his plays open but that he felt "like I'm among friends." (I was there and caught it all for you to see this moving experience [I believe this are the only shots ever of Terrence McNally kissing a stage].)
If you follow me to you can see the rest of the line up, including a very funny Nathan Lane
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