Wednesday, November 14, 2007


No matter where I shoot, the true fans have a great kinship for their idols. The women in the foreground in red is in a wheelchair and found out that the only way she could meet the Boyz was to buy a CD. She didn't have the money, and after a few moments the guy in the blue bought her the CD. It was really an amazing gesture, but at the same time I was surprised that the chick in the wheelchair didn't have $14 bucks.
Boyz II Men preformed a few hits before they commenced signing their new CD "Motown Hitsville USA"Here Wanya Morris greets the women who's basement he practiced singing and dancing in while growing up in Southwest PhillyIt was funny when this guy walked up with this big poster and a handful of CD's to get signed. I heard the Boyz II Men handlers say here comes potential trouble. They surrounded him and stood on the side of him in case of trouble. Then when he requested a photo with them, they complied and the manager took the photo. It was the only time the signing process was interupted for such an event.Nathan sports some blingI always resort to those street shots, I am a paparazzi at heart. Here's Shawn Stockman making his way to the van that will take the Boyz to NYC Nathan Morris styles out to the van finally Wanya Morris strolls to the waiting van Sorry for the spotty coverage on my blog. My dreams have come true and I am a paparazzi as I set out to be last December 2006 (and I work a full time day job too); now I don't have all the time in the world to do my blog, as I did when I lived in NYC (8/05 - 12/06) and was just a fan with a camera, but don't fret I am taking a few weeks off from trips to NYC (ie winter vacation) and will have more time to write about events dating all the way back to Fashion Week. There are so many stories to tell, behind the scene info and of course I am now finding my way through the Philly Paparazzi scene, and its like starting over. It's a bitch.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice bling!!

11/14/2007 9:46 AM  
Blogger moviemerlin said...

The boys were just in London last week or the week before, but no-one could find them! I certainly didn't see them. Shame, I liked them a lot when I was younger.

And it's still very cool that you're now a proper paparazzo. I do wonder if you ever sleep though...

11/15/2007 3:52 AM  
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