Monday, November 12, 2007

Natalie Portman shy or calculating as she strides the Red Carpet at Mr Magorium's

Natalie Portman arrived to a smooch at the Mr. Magorium's Premiere in NYC Sunday Night. She then
took the dead man's walk to the photographers, deadman walk I say, because she's not someone who likes to get her photo taken, which is basically a stupid move because the shots are just more valuable, and she causes shooters to stage out her house. Natalie tugs on her ear, probably channeling Carol Burnett She does have a killer smile for the camera's, of course she knows her fans are at home watching her. AAhh the celluloid life of a celebrity I may be a prude, but I think Natalie's dress is too short Natalie finally took off her granny shaw, but sadly it was for the photographers near the entrance to the theater. In fact after this crappy session I overheard 3 people say, "Well we know where you live and now we have to go to your house and get the full length shot that we need!"
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