Thursday, December 27, 2007


Confessions of a Paparazzi is closing in on another year, and about to celebrate 2 years of almost everyday entries, ok well it's been getting sparse lately as my Philly Chit Chat blog is getting very popular, but back on topic. What a difference a year makes, and what a difference FASHION ROCKS 2005 LOOKED (These two are divorced now)
to 2006 (these two are divorced now) to 2007, which we will get to in a minute to see the change, but 2005 & 2006 had a lot of similarities for meAs I was a fan and had to watch the action from across the street I honestly said to myself that one day I would be on the other side of the street shooting the celebrities I didn't know how I would do it, but I was going to figure it out and by the time 2007 rolled around
I had!! What a thrill for me as the first person I shot on Fashion Rocks 2007 was Nicey from Clean House, one of my favorite shows. I even had a chance to tell Nicey how much I loved her show, and why didn't she travel to the East Coast and do a few clean houses. She said that the messiest house in 2007 was located in Pennsylvania (I saw that special show). Oh well there was no convincing her to come to my house, but I enjoyed chatting with her.
Then came Susan, er Terri Hatcher. Girl put down that arm, yuck, I don't like that Beyonce pose Ashley Simpson and her designer friend The queen of drama and style, Mary J Blidge (I was blown away shooting these beautiful women, these beautiful women that as a fan rarely gave me this pose when I 1) shot on the street 2) shot as a fanI missed these personal connections when I watched from across the street because of the distance and photographers on risers. Here's Tyra Banks greeting Martina McBride with Carrie Underwood in the background as the publicists look on Suzanne Vega, it was exciting to see her. Not alot of people knew who she was, nor did they care. I was thrilled. Lindsay Buckingham, I still wish he and Stevie Nicks were still together (See Landslide on The most publicized photo of the night, not mine though Maroon 5 guys Ugliest dress, why is Mischa Barton famous? The iconic rock group that rocks fashion J-Lo waves to the fansMaybe one of them will be on the red carpet next year shooting the celebrities. The year went by so fast, and the time between Sept 5 and today even faster, I never had a chance to publish these photos or to tell you how wonderful, and awesome it was for me to shoot this event. Stay tune for the weeks countdown of amazing, mind blowing things I accomplished this year. I will try and continue to have interesting things for you to read, and maybe an event or two for you to see a celebrity. Anyone interested in HughE's Star Chaser trips? (sorta like storm chaser but with celebrities)
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