Monday, February 18, 2008

The Carpenters' home in path of wreck ball

She was the Amy Winehouse of the Seventies: DOWNEY, Calif. - Fans of The Carpenters now have something else to be down about besides rainy days and Mondays. The owners of Karen and Richard Carpenter's former home - the house where an anorexic Karen collapsed in 1983 before dying - want to tear it down. Manuel and Blanca Melendez Parra have grown weary of the legions of fans who visit to pay tribute to the sibling crooners. The Parras used to invite the fans into their home, but that close-to-you feeling has given way to despair. The couple has asked Downey city officials for permission to raze the five-bedroom tract house, where the Carpenters penned some of their greatest hits. The proposal to level the residence - featured on The Carpenters' "Now and Then" album cover in 1973 - has fans feeling less than on top of the world.
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