Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am in the middle of this project which is compiling a list of "tear sheets" so that I can apply to a few events coming up. It's easier now that a lot of medium have "website" counterparts in addition to hard copies. So to compile you do searches on your name, in conjunction with subjects and other tricks, as you don't always know where your stuff goes. But one thing I do require under both my blogs is that no matter what if someone takes a photo off my site they have to give me credit, I guess even if it shows up on an X-Rated site, and this photo of Lucie Arnez is not even close to that, but an X-rated site lifted it (Click at your own risk, I didn't!): LUCY ARNEZ FULL SCREEN PICTURES AND VIDEOSHUGHE DILLON For The Inquirer HUGHE DILLON For The Inquirer "244 x 320 - 19k". was red about Lucy was her hair was red about Lucy was her hair ...www.pussygood.com/pussy/LUCY-ARNEZ.html


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