Thursday, February 21, 2008


The night I shot these photos was the two year anniversary of my blog, Confessions of a Paparazzi. I've enjoyed it, its great to have a record of these two years in case I ever write my book on how little 'ol me fell into this biz. I would never have thought it, and I didn't plan it and I wish I had had a clue when I started this blog because I would have been so much richer 'cause I lived in NYC and I stayed until the attendees at a party excited. Sorta what happened this night, 1/31/08. It's the after party for the documentary of the Marc Jacobs/Louis Vuitton event that was at the Tribeca. I knew nothing about her, except she is on some show called One Tree Hill, which I know nothing about. But this girl is beautiful, with skin that's porcelin. Thankfully someone asked her to take her clothes off. It was about 20F and windy out. I being the too nice of guy, just wouldn't be able to do that, he being the hungry guy that needs to get paid to eat, well lets just say I like shooting with guys like that. I am entirely too wimpy to be that aggressive.I was so on the wrong side of her, but you know this photo sold anyway as I cropped it down and it was a good shoot of the back of her dress and you could recognize her. I included this version as you can see she is outside and the girl on her left has a leather fur coat on and gloves. It was cold. I never did make it over to the correct side to shoot her because it was bang, bang, bang and she put her coat back on.


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