Thursday, March 06, 2008

DON'T RELY ON YOUR GPS or you just might end up in Brooklyn

I did, as I rushed to the private screening of "Miss Pettigrew Lives One Day" I followed "Daniel's" instructions and ended up in the Battery-Brooklyn Tunnel. When I finally got to the screening location I saw lots of flashes going off and Amy Adams posing in full fashion without her coat and without me.
Surprisingly with all my contacts in NYC, no one told me about this screening that was held on a SUNDAY, Rule #1, if a Screening or big event is on a weekend, I can make it, call me!! It looks like a lot of people knew about this event. I found out in a casual conversation with a pap who wasn't even bothering to shoot it. That was at 3PM, the event was at 5:30PM, I could have made the 90 minute trip from Philly to screening if it wasn't for the damn GPS.
I did catch a few people going in like Rufus Wainwright and his boyfriend of 3 years boyfriend Jorn Weisbrodt. And I say it with the 3 years, as Rufus was always a wild party boy. I just saw him in Wilmington De a few months back. Not completely impressed, I guess he's an acquired taste. His sister Lucy opened for him and I enjoyed her; funny story teller she is. Awww Steve Buscemi he's great Carol Alt looking better than ever, even though I think she sucks at Celebrity Apprentice I caught that Amy on her way out, although she didn't give me fashion, would only pose for this one shot, and her big headed assistant was behind her.
This is it for the week, I am off to NYC to cover the big opening of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and the afterparty. I dread doing an all nighter, but that's what I am planning to do as Amtrak refuses to run trains at midnight, bastards!! So it's the 4AM train for me. Hmm can I stay awake that long? I am practicing as its 2AM right now.


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