Friday, March 07, 2008

WAS ASHLEE SIMPSON DRUNK WHEN SHE GOT HER TATOO? According to gandalfthegator on Ebay she had at least one drink!

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer 3/6/08, the stated reason for Ashlee Simpson's one-hour lateness to Monday's CD autograph session at the Wal-Mart in Bensalem: She'd been driven to the wrong Wal-Mart. Simpson signed for those who bought copies of her song "Outta My Head." After the signing ended around 8PM, did she tie one on and then decide to get a tatoo? The next day it was reported Ashlee Simpson was on the "Kane Morning Show" on DC's Hot 99.5 and came off sounding a bit dazed and confused. Here she is the next morning at DC Hot 99.5, where this photo was taken of her big ass tatoo around 8AM. It must take a couple hours to do a tat that big; it had to be painful; if she didn't have a few drinks to ease the pain, then did she really lip synch on SNL?According to gandalfthegator on EBAY, Ashlee had at least one Margarita at a resturaunt in Bensalem before she hit the road in her tour bus with her groupies, to the next days radio gig in Washington DC, three hours away. Quick thinking by gandalfthegator who scooped up Ms. Simpsons glass and lime and offers it here on EBAY for you the fan. Ashlee even licked the Lime: ***** Here's her radio interview on TMZ :
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