Friday, May 09, 2008


I heard the crowds were enormous, but even I was stunned by how many Claymates were at the stage door of Spamalot. I believe Clay felt the love, and probably saved Spamalot, which has had a very healthy run on Broadway for about 5 years, but seems to be sputtering out.
And out of the gate he came, signing at a ferocious speed, making all the girls, and a few boys hearts flutter. I wish Clay looked up, but he was concentrating on signing all those playbills in the front row.In a recent interview Clay stated that he would rather hang around with his dogs then go to a bar and talk to strangers (hmm what about the internet Clay?) What about one of these adoring fans?
He also mentioned to New York Magazine that he thinks he has no sexual urges. (What kind of nonsense is that? I think that costume is messing with him. Someone get that boy a Viagra and a jager. (NY MAG))
Occasionally he would get 2nd or 3rd row, but most folks just had to make due with a glimpse of Clay. I wish I had a video, as the orgasmic screams of the mostly women and a few smattering of men, was deafening. with just a few minutes of signing it was over. Clay loves us and he it's back in the closet, er stage door for Clay
I later learned that a lot of these folks got in line at Virgin Records in Times Square, to wait in line for 48 hrs to meet and greet their idol as he signed his new CD (which I'll buy too, because I love him)
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