Tuesday, May 13, 2008



How excited am I that a photo I took of Demi Moore in Philadelphia, Pa last week, ended up in People Magazine Online today.  It was accompanied by a story about Demi, Ashton and family eating at the Continental Restaurant.  I knew about this meal, but it was Mother's Day and I just couldn't do it, plus I did make that promise to Demi that I would never shoot her again for the rest of her stay, and that to me includes the kids.  As the other paparazzo is moving to NYC soon, it will be up to me to capture these moments.  Tonight I was waiting for Jennifer Anniston, but she didn't check in yet, and now from the story at the top I see she's in Orlando with John Mayer.  Brrr it was cold out there on the sidewalk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pic and i'm impressed that you honor the celebs wishes especially on mother's day. proves that people (paparazzi) do have MORALS too! Still LOVE the confessions blog!

Lisa in KC

5/14/2008 8:30 AM  
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