Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Diane from Berger is working on the project this week. It's been awhile since we have worked together. Yesterday I told her I had a big week for us. First we went to see Walk the Line - WOW it was just awesome. My father would have loved to see the biography of his favorite singer. Afterwards began what Diane (& my other co-workers) like to call my Celebrity Whore Junket. First off we went to the stage door of Chicago where Robin Givens and Mr. Peterman, Mr Dancing with the Stars himself what's his name, O'Hurley hmm. Then on Tuesday, we had an early dinner and it was off to a show that I had seen last month called The Dancers Dance with Chita Rivera. She had a special guest star and there was a huge crowd waiting for his autograph. Diane got to meet some of the professional autograzzi that I have to deal with everytime I attend an event . She agrees that a are wicked nasty bunch that would push their mother aside to get their picture "Inked" as they say. DICK VAN DYKE, sadly he didn't sign for anyone and the autograzzi jumped in their cars chasing him back to his hotel. Chita Rivera always a class act Then it was off to check out the stars from the 1st night of previews for Barefoot in the Park with Amanda Peet, Patrick Wilson, Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberts. I hope to see it next week, the comments from the crowd were that its a funny show and enjoyable. Check out Patrick Wilson
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