Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Marg Cooley and I spend lots of hours discussing these people

ABC Daytime Soaps Salute BROADWAY CARES & EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS Renee Goldsbury, One Life to Live (Nominated for an Emmy) I just saw her in the Color Purple broadway show last month. I told her she was great, and I just bought the soundtrack. David Canary did Adam who did Stewart for a fan on the line. (AMC) Bobbie Eakes, All My Children (Nominated for an Emmy) Trevor St. John- Todd Manning One Life to Live Jacob Young plays JR on All My Children Vincent Irizarry as David Hayward on All My Children Catherine Hickland - Lindsey (Used to be married to David Hasselhoff who played Michael Knight on Knight Rider, remember the suped up car; she is currently married to Michael Knight from All My Children) Aiden Turner plays Aiden on All My Children Rick Hearts of General Hosp.
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