Friday, May 05, 2006

Rolling Stone Magazine 1,000 Issue Party

Tonight I went to the Rolling Stone Magazine 1,000 edition party. The press left fairly earlier and basically disgruntled (as I am sure Jann was) as more than half the invites did not show up. One person that did show up was Lisa Marie Presley, so it's a sure bet she must be recording and is looking for a magazine cover. Lucky for me one of the press guys left their tip sheet (see attached) and you can see for yourself the dismal turnout, maybe they didn't want to mingle with the common employees that Jann decided to invite at the last minute.

There were a few surprise guests, just like they said there would be; there was Jimmy Fallon, Colin Hanks (who gave me his gift bag), Adriana La Cerva, and some guy named Sebastian Bach who brought a few porn stars with him. Debbie Harry and Ice T came too. Check out Ice T's picture, I don't know what he sees in that girl.Jann Wenner, Owner Rapture Baby - Debbie Harry the new look of 60!! Jimmy Fallon wants a hug, I think? Adriana La Cerva

Ice T and "Friend" Colin Hanks - Thanks for the Gift Bag bro, I owe ya one!! Sebastian Bach of ? I wonder who takes longer putting their make up on?

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