Monday, June 12, 2006

Another stunt casting on Broadway - Chicago & Rita Wilson

Chicago has been given an audience boost by casting the lovely Rita Wilson, aka Mrs. Tom Hanks, in the role of Roxie. After work I made it over in time to see which of their friends would show up. Several are pictured below. Missing from photos, but people I have shot earlier this year, Jann Wenner and his boyfriend, Patti Scafilia and Jimmy Fallon. Tom Hanks (still sporting his Da Vinci hair) got out of his limo and took a photo of the marquee with his wife's name on it. Then as he sat in the balcony with his family and friends, many people in the audience started taking pictures of them with their camera's, cell phone's PDA's, prompting Tom to stand up and start shooting them too. Finally the house manager said, anyone caught taking photos will be ejected. At which point Tom said ok just let them take one last picture at which point Tom stood up and waved to the crowd. They took his photo, then he sat down and everyone's camera's went away. Tom Hanks shooting his wife's name on the marquee. His son Shane reaching out to welcome his dad. Candace Bergen and friends Donna Dixon and Dan Ackroyd, he is such a gentleman. As his wife waited in the car, he went to the Box Office and picked up tickets. He then walked back to the car and escorted her in the theater. I think she is beautiful, but those arms should not be sleeveless for a night at the theatre.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Donna Dixon's uncovered arms
I love men who criticize womens' physical 'flaws'...[everyone of them an ADONIS no doubt]...

They should try living with estrogen flooding through their systems & psyches; some of them might end up baring non-anorexic arms too.


7/28/2006 2:17 AM  
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