Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pride Premiere Philadelphia Tuesday 2/27/27

Last night at the Prince Theater in Philadelphia, a little bit of Hollywood came to Philly town. The movie is called "Pride" and it is the inspiring story of Jim Ellis (Terrence Howard), a charismatic schoolteacher in the 1970s who changed lives forever when he founded an African-American swim team in one of Philadelphia's roughest neighborhoods. Below it the man of the hour - Jim EllisBernie Mac makes the carpet.Kevin Philips; You'll come for the story, but you will stay for the Speedos - are you, but you're bringing a little fashion to Philly. Now if this was NYC, you would have taken off your damn coats. Super Model Amanda Beard famous for among many things, gracing the recent, now defunct FHM Magazine, and her friend. (It may be a Hollywood type premiere, but it's still Philly and the PR people sometimes do a lousy job at introducing the folks.)After a short but successful run on the Red Carpet, the gentleman that he is, Terrence Howard signed, posed and chatted with over 300 fans. An interviewer said, why do you do it, why do you sign and chat to each and everyone. TH responded, to give them hope, I want to inspire each and everyone to follow their dreams, and to know that if I can do it, they can too. "When I was young, I had a chance encounter with Clint Eastwood at an event like this, he turned smiled and winked at me. It was that moment that carried me through some of the rough days of my career, so that one day I would have the chance to thank him for that inspiration"As Mr. Howard bounded back from completing his last signature, he returned toward the theater doors when stopped by one of my favorite columnist Philly Daily News writer, Dan Gross who, well let me let his column pick the conversation up: 'NO. NO. That's ugly. Don't do that," replied Terrence Howard when we asked him about New York tabloid reports that he's dating model Naomi Campbell. Howard, the star of "Pride," attended the film's premiere last night at Prince Music Theater (1412 Chestnut), where the heartthrob actor signed autographs for many fans, while his handlers tried hard to keep the media at bay (aparently Gross wasn't on the carpet as I got a lot of my best shots when Terrence was being interviewed [those photos are with my agency].) "I reached out to her," Howard told us about Campbell, to whom he was recently linked. "That's what that was about. I reached out to her in a time of need. That's what people are supposed to be doing, not trashing people."Things then went bad to worse with the bastard Mayor showing up, I wish I didn't have to show him, but I wanted to draw attention to the guy below me with the big ass hood for his flash that often cast a shadow on my subjects. Damn I forgot my ladder! Then the mayors cronies came along, sure that's Clifton Davis of TV fame, but he's a croney now. To his right, Shawn Fordham, the mayor's nephew and campaign manager. In this picture the former "Temperture's Rising Star" is saying that this is your next Councilman. Please someone stop the insanity, Streets son Sharif is running too, hasn't this family done enough to the City.


Blogger Brad B said...

It's funny, I've looked at the production photos for Pride over and over again on IMDB because I KNOW I'm seeing LSU campus down here in Baton Rouge - one picture in front of Memorial Tower, and one at the Student Union, but I can't find any press anywhere on Pride's filming locations, even on, Louisiana's film initiative website.

See, we're really stumping hard down here, selling our locale as a great place to film movies. Louisiana has it all, really (I should blog about it, being a "Louisiana blogger" hehe), its northern region has that stereotypical "Southern" rural feel and landscape, while the southern part of the state is rich with history, urban areas, coastlands for marine filming...anyway, I know I'm seeing LSU on Pride pictures.

Maybe you'll just have to bring your paparazzi butt down here to take some pictures and meet your new Louisiana cyberspace friends...I'll let you know when we find Brangelina's house in the French Quarter, K?



2/28/2007 3:59 PM  
Blogger HughE2030 said...

Brad's right, the whole movie was filmed in Louisianna, except the opening montage shows the City of Philadelphia, not with the 1970's skyline, but with the 1990's skyline. The movie was "Premiere" in Philly because, the subject, writer, and actors were from here. Sorry Brad we stole your premiere:(

2/28/2007 4:19 PM  
Anonymous scott said...

great coverage hughie! how was the movie?

3/01/2007 1:22 AM  
Blogger Ahmed Shihab-Eldin said...


I'm a freelance journalist living in New York City and working on a story about citizen paparazzi and the transition and general trend for individuals like yourself (it seems) to make a living by taking pictures of celebs without originally starting off as professional paparazzi. I am working with a partner on the story and would love to talk to you about some of your pics and the world of citizen paparazzi in general (how you got started...etc.) Would love to hear back from you soon!

Thanks for your time. Feel free to call me at 917 399 8995 or message me or email me back. Thanks!


3/29/2007 5:59 PM  
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