Monday, August 27, 2007

"Grease: You're the One That I Want", the reality of the Broadway Red Carpet

Guess it's raining on prom night. Oh my darling what can i do? I miss you. It's raining rain from the skies, and it's raining real tears from my eyes,over you. Oh dear god, make him feel the same way i do right now. Make him want to see me again. Oh what can I do. It's raining rain from the skiesit's raining tears from my eyes over youraining oooooohtears from my eyes over youraining oooooooohraining on prom night
"Grease" the reality version opened on Broadway last Sunday night. I was a little late getting to the Red Carpet as I was shooting the closing of Deuce (See last Monday's entry) When I did get there I checked in, I was #8 which meant I wasn't going to have a good spot, but it didn't matter I was so excited to be there.
Guess who I am, Annette Cardona ("Cha Cha" in the Film Version of Grease). She is now a Sociology professor at the University of Michigan. Here is 'Hairspray's' Nikki Blonsky with Constantine Margolis. I guess Nikki is one degree separation from Grease, as John Travolta was her mother in Hairspray, and was Danny Zuko in Grease. Setting up he Red Carpet, lots of logistics go on, and the rain didn't help matters as the PR people decide which way the guests should walk in, and which way the ticket holders should walk in
The photographers are shooting from a spot where our backs are getting wet, and water is dripping on our head.
Ilene Kristen (Original "Patty Simcox" on Broadway. Starred in ABC's Ryan's Hope and now One Live To Live) I did get a little out of hand, and gush as I told her how much I loved her playing Roxie on One Life To Live. Especially the poker scenes of late.
American Idol finalist and currently in the Off-Broadway production of The Fantastiks, Anthony Fedorov and friend Elisa Rodriguez
the kid from Mary Poppins, Henry Hodges . Here he is singing "You're the one that I want" These are videos of the reality show contestants from the TV show "Grease: You're the One That I Want" Over the past two years, after meeting a dozen or so paparazzi's (celebrity photographers) I asked them why they never shot events on Broadway, that it was really an untapped resource and that I think it would be important to push the shots to the glossy magazines. Most would tell me that there was no money it, those roaway people didn't sell, but they promised to look into it. It never happened, well except for the stunt casting events or Julia Roberts. After awhile I stopped asking. I always admired the work of the 1/2 dozen or so photographers that were doing the job. From the movie Grease Frenchie, Didi Conn and Doody, Barry Pearl
I wish Broadway Openings were held on the same level as the Red Carpet event was for the finale of "Grease" on TV. Check out this video and all the press. For the opening on Broadway there was only the usual smattering of photographers, most who worked for organizations like or; I uess most of the press coverage the next day is the review, but wouldn't People magazine like a nice picture of Marilu Henner in their issue? I hope that a reality show like "Grease: You're the One That I Want" might just turn a few more people onto Broadway that might not have been interested in it before, and I applaud that and
Kathleen Marshall has the last laugh, with her brother, movie Director Rob Marshall as You're the One That I want summer's Broadway Grease that has already eclipsed $9 million in ticket sales!! NBC's "Grease You're the One That I Want" contestants: Ashley Anderson, Jason Celaya, Allie Schultz, Chad Doreck, Matt Nolan, Kathleen Monteleone Sadly none of the following clips made it onto Access Hollywood (the women standing next to me was from Access Hollywood), except the one featuring Nikki Blonsky, as she is a movie star


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