Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Metamorphose of A Photo - Chelsea Clinton and Gov Rendell participate in a Gay (GLBT) Pub Bar Crawl in Philadelphia

After shooting events, I normally wait 24 hours to see if the photos are picked up by news organizations, online glossies or bought by various blog/web sources so I can add them to my portfolios. I do this by doing word searches, I have no idea where the photo goes I am invoiced usually 30 days out by my agency. So yesterday I did my search and this is what I found. This first site probably paid for the photo, as they gave proper credit to my agency, but the subsequent sites probably just lifted the photo, which is not really ok, but that's not the battle I am going to bother to fight on this beautiful Sunday. This is not my "money shot", but please give me photo credit.


I love how this site states "What a drag...Chelsea and Ed hit the gay bars."

image ; And then a reader on his site left a comment about the photo and directed us to his site and to see what he created probably based on that "What a drag..." line. The metamorphose of the photo


This guy's site is hysterical. Tell him HughE sent you: Check out my other site for more coverage of Chelsea does Philly's Gay Bars

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