Saturday, August 02, 2008

CONFESSIONS OF A PAPARAZZI COMES TO AN END re: please visit me at cause that's where I will be

Things are great in Philly, I am really doing things and getting recognition and creating something that no one else is doing. I am a one man media machine. I have a popular blog, my photos are posted weekly in the local major paper, occasionally in the other local paper, in the weekly papers, in magazines and on websites. For example yesterday I received 1400 unique hits on Philly Chit Chat for two stories I wrote about this week - The Philly Soul Parade details, and Philly Magazine Best of Party; Thursday, I photographed 3 events, I credentialed myself at all three events, meaning, I am Philly Chit Chat .com and they want me to cover their event for my blog, as icing on the cake, all three events produced photos that will be published in the paper in the next 4 days (I never tell people that there's a possibility, and I never tell them that they will be published just in case they are bumped for some reason), 2 events will be in magazines, all the event photos were accepted by my agency WENN for possible pick up somewhere, maybe just a blog, but ya know its all good, it's all PR, that is the name of the game. (The Spencers, The Mayor Chef Eric Ripert and wife, Sandra Ripert) So the bad news is, I will be ending this blog. I am turning my focus towards Philly and the promotion I can do for the City through my photography.I'm not saying I won't ever return to NYC, as I have my favorite events NY Fashion Week, the Film Festivals, Tony Awards and the occassional red carpet premieres, ....So for now catch me at where I basically do the same thing but on a local level, but ask "Can I take your photo for Philly Chit Chat, Philly's Social Diary?"; Philly is happening, and I want to capture it all.

I hope you will join me over at did I mention Philly Chit Chat dot Com. And thank you so very, very, very, very much for all your support these past few years. You helped me find my footing and develop my mission for my future. XOXO's - HughE


Blogger HughE Dillon said...

The other day I shared with you; today I want you to check out: and as always you can follow along with my photo life at

8/03/2008 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i will miss your candid comments, thoughts and of course the celebrity pics and behind the scene stories. i've relied on your blog for my celebrity fix as Kansas City isn't a celebrity mecca and i am intriqued by the paparazzi and what REALLY happens while shooting the celebs...

a fond farewell my friend HughE...
Lisa in KC

8/05/2008 12:52 PM  
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