Friday, February 03, 2006

Fashion Week starts off with a bang...

She has pretty good posture for someone of her stature. She was terrific, and posed for lots of photos. I just could never get in front of her. Subconciously I think I wanted more than just a 2 dimensional picture. (M.A.C. party, 18th Street/11th Ave) & (Tab Energy Drink Party 21st/10th Ave) Drew Barrymore. The paparazzi or shooters as they like to call themselves, say she never likes to pose for photos. She did tonight. (Mario Testino Exhibit 15th Street/11th Ave) Lee Ann Womack I saw her at the Rabbit Hole opening. I also saw Joan Rivers, and Bill Macy. I guess his wife Felicity was home resting from all the award ceremonies. (47th Street/8th Ave) Gwen Stefani, and Gavin Rosedale. They are great. She looks great. They were smiling much more broadly, but I took too much time because the girl in the green coat wouldn't get out of my picture. Sure it was their friend, but hey I'm a fan. Some guy from Wireimage wanted to buy the photo, but I declined. He needed to download the photo into his laptop but I was freaked in case my card got corrupted. He said I could email it to him, so I might do that. (Event: Mario Testino Photo Exhibit, Meat Packing District, 11th/ 15th Street)

Gwen & Gavin at the Spring 2006 Fashion Show Bryant Park Sept 2005; I think he is wearing a similar outfit, except he added the scarf to it tonight. Lindsey Lohan. Finally after trying to see her in person since 8/1/05, I am finally at the right place at the right time. YIPPEEE!! I am so lame, so many shooters and inkers would laugh when I told them I could never find her, as she is everywhere.

She didn't pose, she was in a hurray to try some new Tab Energy Drink, thats what the party was for. No alcohol there, she is only 19 ya know. (Tab Energy Drink Party 21st/10th Ave)

Missing and will be posted later is Missy Elliot being helped into her car. She was plastard. She didn't even have her trademark sunglasses on. I was the only one to get the shot as I followed her all the way to the car until the bodyguards had to lift her into the car, which gave me a moment to shoot. Plus shots of Fergie sans Josh Dumel. It was late, I had to go to sleep for work which was in 5 hours.


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