Friday, February 03, 2006

Fashion Week starts off with a bang...

She has pretty good posture for someone of her stature. She was terrific, and posed for lots of photos. I just could never get in front of her. Subconciously I think I wanted more than just a 2 dimensional picture. (M.A.C. party, 18th Street/11th Ave) & (Tab Energy Drink Party 21st/10th Ave) Drew Barrymore. The paparazzi or shooters as they like to call themselves, say she never likes to pose for photos. She did tonight. (Mario Testino Exhibit 15th Street/11th Ave) Lee Ann Womack I saw her at the Rabbit Hole opening. I also saw Joan Rivers, and Bill Macy. I guess his wife Felicity was home resting from all the award ceremonies. (47th Street/8th Ave) Gwen Stefani, and Gavin Rosedale. They are great. She looks great. They were smiling much more broadly, but I took too much time because the girl in the green coat wouldn't get out of my picture. Sure it was their friend, but hey I'm a fan. Some guy from Wireimage wanted to buy the photo, but I declined. He needed to download the photo into his laptop but I was freaked in case my card got corrupted. He said I could email it to him, so I might do that. (Event: Mario Testino Photo Exhibit, Meat Packing District, 11th/ 15th Street)

Gwen & Gavin at the Spring 2006 Fashion Show Bryant Park Sept 2005; I think he is wearing a similar outfit, except he added the scarf to it tonight. Lindsey Lohan. Finally after trying to see her in person since 8/1/05, I am finally at the right place at the right time. YIPPEEE!! I am so lame, so many shooters and inkers would laugh when I told them I could never find her, as she is everywhere.

She didn't pose, she was in a hurray to try some new Tab Energy Drink, thats what the party was for. No alcohol there, she is only 19 ya know. (Tab Energy Drink Party 21st/10th Ave)

Missing and will be posted later is Missy Elliot being helped into her car. She was plastard. She didn't even have her trademark sunglasses on. I was the only one to get the shot as I followed her all the way to the car until the bodyguards had to lift her into the car, which gave me a moment to shoot. Plus shots of Fergie sans Josh Dumel. It was late, I had to go to sleep for work which was in 5 hours.


Blogger phillytim said...

OMG - Pam's health crisis is gonna kick in when she turns towards 60, and those jugs are gonna create ostoperosis...which will snap her back in half as her boobs run her into the ground!!!! <8o

HughE2030 said: "She has pretty good posture for someone of her stature."

2/03/2006 7:28 AM  

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