Saturday, February 04, 2006

I Think Mathew Broderick has a crush on me

I know I have had a crush on him for a long time. I still have a poster of him from the movie "Torch Song Trilogy, and am always threatening myself to drag it to The Odd Couple to get him to sign it. Maybe he just recognizes me as his personal stalker or maybe he secretly regrets not marrying me instead of SJP. I feel sorry for the people in my photos who thought they were getting an excellent photo of themselves with Matthew Broderick, but for some odd reason MB was distracted by my beauty. I not Obsessed, I not Obsessed. I'm not Obsessed! Once, in the late 80's I sat next to him in at a club in Philly. I was too nervous to chat him up, but not too nervous to stare at him all night long. I went home a broken man but with my shyness and fear of rejection in tact. But not to worry I had a lively conversation with my Ferris Bueller poster which hung on my living room wall. These photos were taken 3 months apart.


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