Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Monday Night, A Night For Legends

ELAINE STRITCH. Before she got in the car, they loaded her stool. She travels with her own stool for shows. It was precious. Sadly no one realized it was Elaine until it was too late. I can't thank my friend Scott R. for taking me to see her one women show, when she came to Philly a couple years back. I didn't know who she was, and balked at first. She is the 1st legend of broadway. The crowd celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Public Theater Monday night smelled like showbiz aristocracy. Performing or sitting in the A-list audience at the City Center were Meryl Streep, Betty Buckley, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tony Kushner, Elaine Stritch, Eartha Kitt, Mike Nichols, Ben Stiller and Sam Rockwell. Rosie Perez and Zach Braff sang a zesty duet from "A Chorus Line," and a stiletto-heeled Cynthia Nixon brought down the house with her comically steamy rendition of Stephen Sondheim's classic "Dance: Ten; Looks: Three." A pixieish Natalie Portman sang "Frank Mills" from "Hair," and Streep stole the show with "Sodomy."

Tony Winner: Adriane Lenox - DOUBTTony Award Winner for WICKED Elphaba & nomination for RENT (the movie too) Maureen- IDINA MENZELT (I listen to her and the soundtrack of Wicked at least once a day. Rent about once a week)Taxi, Scrooged, it's CAROL KANE now in Wicked as Madam Morrible Tony Award winner for CATS - Betty Buckley.

I thanked her for her years on Eight Is Enough, which I loved watching as a kid. She was in Carrie too as the gym teacher who was nice to Carrie. I regret never seeing her in person.

I told Eartha I saw her do a show in Philly in 1992, "It was a memorable night." She said Where have you been for the past 10 years (I snapped the picture at that moment)

I really want to thank my friend David for introducing me to the Cabaret world and my FAVORITE cabaret belter of all time- LIZA MINNELLI (literally, he introduced me to her 12 years ago) Remember Philip, "Call Me We'll Do Lunch!"

OK Liza wasn't really there, she's on tour in Florida. I saw her in late December at an event. She was inside the Pierre Hotel attending an Oscar De La Renta affair for Queen Sofia of Spain. I knew if I hung out where the guests were smoking it would be just a matter of time. Sure enough she came out. She didn't have cigarettes and was trying to bum one from anyone. As she was jonesing, I was hyperventilating. Liza, Liza I wish I smoked so I could give you one, but could you pose for a photo. "Just a minute, anyone anyone have a cigarette, she begged. Where's my limo?" As she began walking away the Prince of Spain said Liza just one photo for the boy (Boy, was I excited he thought I was just a boy - LOL). And that's how this photo was taken. And before she got her cigarette, she was still jonesing, I said Liza please come to Philly we miss you. Here's Oscar De La Renta and the Queen of Spain as I mentioned above.


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