Sunday, February 19, 2006

My coworker, Diane and I leave the highly overrated Planet Hollywood (her choice, I had never stepped foot in the place before.) We exit out onto Times Square at 11:30PM. I take a few photos of The Great White Way even though I have seen the street a million times, and have shot it at least a half million. We cross, I see a women with a dog, just as another women bends down. The 2nd women has distinct curly red hair. She is beautiful even with very little make-up on. It's Bernadette Peters. She was with friends, and she looked great. It wasn't lost on me that today is Valentine's Day and it's only been 5 months since her husband was tragically killed (Her husband, Michael Wittenberg died in a helicopter crash in Montenegro, Europe on September 26, 2005. An investment advisor, he was reportedly on a business trip.) She pets the dog and asks the owner a few questions. It's a English Bull dog, she's from Ohio, here for the Westminster Dog Show, "Oh right" Bernadette says. Have a nice night, she says as she turns towards her friends who have hailed a cab going up 45th Street. A street vendor says "Ms Peter's you look beautiful, I love your work, please accept this purse as a Valentine's gift", she thanks him, but declines, he insists and she accepts the cute red bag, and gracefully climbs into the waiting cab.


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