Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sweeney Todd's Patti Lupone and Stephen Sondheim

Monday night, while I was "stage dooring" it, I met the nicest girl originally from Australia. She is currently living and working in DC as a nurse, but comes up to NYC whenever there's a show she wants to see. Last night (Monday) there was such a show, but we'll get to that another day (still). Anyway she tells me that tonight (Tuesday) she will be seeing Rabbit Hole with Tyne Daly and Cynthia Nixon. I said maybe I will catch that show too. Sure enough I am waiting outside to see who comes out of the limos, and Shea walks up the street. I catch her arm, we chat we go in. Good show, great cast, tear jerker, I'm stunned. We wait by the stage door. We get photos, we shoot each other with the stars, we see Richard Kind the actor. We cross the street to see Nathan Lane and I see Broderick for the millionth time, he shoots me a look like don't I know you from somewhere stalker (I will post that picture on the blog later). Then she says hey you wanna go check out the Sweeney Todd signing. Sure why not, its only 11:30PM We get there, its too late, they cut off the line. Everyone leaves. We stand by the stage door with 4 other person. 20 Minutes later Patti Lupone comes out with Stephen Sondheim . Patti sees my new friends sweatshirt says Tasmanian (Austrailia). She's been there, and starts discussing things with my friend, Shea. Then brings Sondheim over and re-counts her vacation in Australia to all in attendance. It was surreal to have these two legends talking to us like we were friends. The guy from calls someone on the phone to tell them how nice Lupone and Sondheim were, and how they spoke to us for about 10 mins. From - "Ever since his first work, writing the lyrics for "West Side Story" and "Gypsy," he has proven to the world that Sondheim is indeed the greatest Broadway composer/lyricist of the late 20th century, arguably of all-time."


Blogger HughE Dillon said...

I am soo irritated about this incident as right before they came out, I returned my CD and convinced Shea to return her CD to the Box Office opting instead to order a signed $25 CD with the vouchers they gave us. I didn't think we had a chance that Lupone and Sondheim would sign at the stage door (I hear he never signs). Today I looked on EBay and the signed CD is worth $300 (not that I would have sold it. I think). Oh well, gotta put that in my God box of things not to obsess about.

2/01/2006 1:57 PM  
Blogger HughE Dillon said...

I was wrong it sold for $399

2/01/2006 2:13 PM  
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