Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Tab Energy Party

The surprise Fashion Week kickoff hit was Thursday's Tab Energy party (yes, the weird '70s soft drink), where Lindsay Lohan and her posse kicked back and Missy Elliott danced with the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie. ... (From the NY Daily News 2/6/06)

Lindsay and her bodyguards seemed to have a good time at the Tab Energy Party. She went in kinda draggin (see photo in earlier posting), but came out all smiles on her face. She either had a few tabs or a few cokes.

Fergie looking fierce.

Kimberly Stewart and her sister Rudy. Sooo much cuter than their father Rod. Kimberly is a strange bird to say the least, right before I took this picture she played tag with the paparazzi running up and down the street making them work for their photo. Finally when they asked to shoot her with her sister she came back to the front door.After Pam's M.A.C. Party, she went to the Tab Energy party. First she drove around the block in her long black limo about 6 times until the crowd outside the club had cleared out by either going inside or leaving. Then She made her entrance...I got some great shots, and she posed with two "celeb stalkers" that I have become friendly with. Just to see how skilled they work posing with celebs is a manificent footwork and speed. Pam likes the new drink and leaves with one. At 12:30AM the night is still young. Missy Elliot really enjoyed the party. Here she is being help to her car, and then her handlers lifeted her up and place the intoxicated rapper into her car.

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