Monday, May 22, 2006

Stunt Casting isn't always effective

A few weeks back the girls at work and I went to see Festen. OHMIGOD it was a shocking story of family secrets and incest. Shortly after the critics panned the play, the play announced the closure. I made it back in time to obtain these photos. Juliana Margolis I did have a lovely conversation with Ali McGraw. In this photo she is speaking with a women who flew in to see one of her last shows, but was begining labor. Ali offered her her phone number in case of an emergency. I then went across the street to this show. This show also got panned and closed yesterday. (Next door 3 Days of Rain plays on even though it too was panned, but stunt casting with Julia Roberts was enough to sell out the play) Another big star to attract the young girls... It wasn't Tim Daly who is exiting the stage door (note the sign above which gives us fans a clue of where the stars exit)....Tim Daly from Wings and Tyne Daly's little brother (I wonder if they have a brother named Tom and a sister Tina) It was David Schwimmer waving good-bye to Broadway.


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