Friday, June 23, 2006

Entertainment's Must List 2006 (Why Must they use such a lame title?)

Let's see who is on the "Must List" The smokin' Christopher Meloni and his wife Singer Nelly Furtado sweet as can be signs for the fans and poses. Just for that I will buy her CD. The smokin' Rachel Ray and her husband John Cusimano, a lawyer and member of the band The Cringe The resilent Law & Order star S. Epatha Merkerson - after this shot she told me she wanted to pose with me. She is super nice asking me my name. We talked a little about Law & Order and some of her upcoming projects. The sober and brillant Robert Downey Jr.Christina Aguliara arriving for the 8PM EW Must List Party on Celebrity time at 9:45PM. Her entire posse exits the SUV except for the Diva. Her people have the security detail clear the sidewalk, then tighten the cages for the fans and photographers so no one escapes and touches her. She finally exits the vehicle in a cute long white skirt, and a fun bustier esq type top with a red belt. She signs for a few fans, a BIG "CA" signature, like I really want California's abbreviation on a photo. She poses for the photographers in a New York minute and if you missed the shot well tough luck. Then CA rushes inside. After the show all the celebs exited the same door they entered, but there was no Christina. I discover a side door with her SUV idling, at which point one of her people comes out and says to the 3 of us, Christina will come to you if she is going to sign, if her husband is drunk he won't allow as he is the boss. Christina exits in a hot slinky red dress, walks right towards us and signs. Guess the husband wasn't drunk.


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