Thursday, June 15, 2006


Here's what it look like at last nights stage door at Carnegie Hall. Who could attract such a crowd of fans and a handful of cutting edge Icon Rockers? I ran into friends' David & Jesse from Philadelphia. David is in the blue shirt at the far left. He is a Rufus fanatic. I am not, but I am a big fan of "stage dooring" it. Cherry Vanilla - You don't know who I am do you, she said. Just Google me and you will know! Sure enough her bio comes up before the ice cream. "Actress, author, poetess, and rock star, Cherry Vanilla (in the 70's also known as Party Favor) arguably ranks high among the most influential figures on the Anglo-American rock scene. As a cast member of Andy Warhol's taboo-shattering Pork stageshow, she figured in the formulation of David Bowie's flamboyant breakthrough during 1971-1972. As a lasciviously uninhibited rocker at Max's Kansas City, her performances had an unquestionable impact upon waitress Debbie Harry." (She's now SIXTY, and I think she looks great, well except for the blue hair) Kate Pierson from the B52's (Fred Schneider and crew quickly jumped in a waiting car before I could capture their souls). I think she was excited I recognized her. I could barely get the words out "It's a Love Shack Baby" It was really exciting for me to see her, and them. Will someone please tell me who this is, Philip do you know? I think he was sad that I didn't recognize him.Sure I could have cropped this, but it was late. ***John Waters*** After picking myself up off the street, and catching my breath, as Hairspray the movie (saw it 23 times) and musical (saw it 4 times) are my huge favorites, I took this picture. (Although I have to admit I was thinking "this is the guy that had Divine eat dog shit in Pink Flamingoes" - 1972) Lorna Luft did a duet with the guest of honor. Liza wasn't keen on the whole concert idea and boycotted it. I hate when celebs run out too quickly for me to get a decent shot, and this clueless person in front of me probably had no idea Judy Garland's daughter was right before their eyes (let alone LIZA's sister!!)RUFUS WAINWRIGHT channels JUDY at Carnegie Hall again Thursday night. See you at the stage door!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6/15/2006 1:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it's kinda late in the game, but the blonde guy is hair guru Danilo.

10/16/2006 7:17 PM  
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