Sunday, September 24, 2006

20th Annual Broadway Flea Market And Grand Auction

20th Annual BroadwayFlea Market And Grand Auction Sunday, September 24, 200610AM To 7PMShubert Alley and West 44th Street - The weather looked iffy, the weather forecast seemed to be even more dire. So I checked the website and if they were a go, then I was a go too, they were and off I went. This year I went early and stayed late. (unlike last year where I went late because I then went to the Katrina Benefit with Liza and friends. I arrived about Noon, and it seemed like I beat the crowd. I headed straight to the photo booth and celebrity table. I was especially curious about where it would be located this year since the very busy Juniors opened and would surely be enjoying another busy lunchtime crowd. I was completely surprised, and heartened that Juniors had donated their outside area for use. EAT AT JUNIORS Edie Falco and Rollyee - a bigtime fan that I see around town all the time. Being in a wheelchair doesn't hold him back from meeting and greeting the stars. He's an inspiration. In the window you can see people enjoying lunch at Richard Griffiths who had just finished the Celebrity Table John Lloyd Young from Jersey Boys. Won a Tony as Frankie Valli. Jeff notices the deluge of rain falling on our heads.The auction items were covered quickly. I think a lot of the crowd left at this point. I held out, it wasn't a big deal as I only live about 20 blocks away. I went out onto 44th Street. The crowd was thin, I thought this is a great time to go to the "Win Tickets Free Wheel" as the line would be short. I was wrong, people had umbrellas and were patient. I had neither and hung out under the NY Times overhang.To my surprise the rain stopped after about 20 Mins and the SUN CAME OUT!!! I went back to my favorite spot, THE CELEBRITY SIGHTING spot. I mean I have to keep up my "Celebrity A Day" goal, and today was day 427 since I moved to NYC and I needn't disappoint my addiction. Here's John Tartaglia waving to the crowd. He had a fairly long line, but the winner of the day had to be Edie Falco. About 30 people waited in line for her. Although I left at 4PM so I don't know how Harvey Firestein did.I took several table pictures, but I like how the Spelling Bee table turned out the best. Plus I bought the board the guy is holding in his hand. They weren't a big seller as you see there are a lot left on the table. I thought they were clever and were surprised they weren't bigger sellers. At 4 PM, I was out of money and it was time to go. This was the last shot I took, and there was still a decent crowd there.Here is some of my loot.


Blogger HughE Dillon said...

I paid cash for everything, except the last item as I ran out of money:)

9/24/2006 11:10 PM  
Blogger Sarah B. Roberts said...

The guy holding the Spelling Bee board is the terrific multi-talented Todd Buonopane!

9/25/2006 12:39 PM  
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