Monday, September 18, 2006

Fashion Week Randoms

I'm still recovering from fashion week. After getting about 25 hrs sleep last week, I slept 24hrs in 2 days awoke from my coma and caught a great sunset last night.While reviewing my photos from the week I noticed a smiliarity between my Hillary Duff photos. This one is from Fashion Week Fall 2006 which is held in Winter 2005. I took this shot Thursday night. Here's Hillary and Joel Madden leaving the Tents. Last week Betsy Johnson premiered her new perfume and held a bottle signing meet and greet at Bloomingdales. My Friend Katie is a huge Betsy fan. She wore her vintage 1989 Prom Dress to the signing, and the damn thing still fits. Betsy was tickled pink and said it brought lots of memories back to her and announced to the immediate crowd details about making this dress. Christina Milan arriving at the Tents Thursday night. 50 Cents shows up at Marc Jacobs and no one was shot. OK I missed one event, and it was a doosy. For the past two seasons Bono's wife has previewed her line during Fashion Week. It's always held at a super secret location. Simon and I figuered out where it was going to be - The Hudson Hotel. It was at 9PM last Friday, but I couldn't last that long and instead rushed home to sleep. He went with another friend, they were the only ones there, no paparazzi and were able to meet Bono and get a few photos. Thanks for this shot.


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