Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Life To Live - Did you know its taped in NYC and you can make an unofficial visit to see the stars

I am actually a huge All My Children fan having been addicted to it for about 20 years, but about 3 years ago, you know the time, when the shows began showing a minute or two into the next hour, so for me to see the next days AMC previews I would have to extend my TIVO recording a few more minutes. Then I got interested in OLTL because of all the two minute clips I would see about their show. Both shows tape in NYC, and I found out that you can visit thier studios and talk to the actors. A few weeks back I visited the OLTL studio and had a nice chat with many of the actors. They were just begining to film the scene where John is critically hurt in a car accident (in reality the guy who plays John was in contract talks, he's signed so he lives - opps those scenes haven't aired yet) This is the storyline that got me hooked... A new major storyline involved Mitch kidnapping sisters, Natalie and Jessica, to figure out which one's heart was a match for their grandfather. Victor had been faking his death. Dorian then showed up as Mitch's new bride, and she became immeshed in a storyline involving a jewel hunt as well as a "curse" which blinded Mitch. Mitch was later killed by Jessica. Pictured here is Bree Williamson who plays Jessica, (born December 28, 1981) is a Canadian actress. I had just seen her at an event the night before and I told her how cute she looked and showed her a photo I had taken of her. She was probably a bit frightened and I wouldn't blame her - LOL Actually she was very sweet. I gave her tips on how to get her pictures taken and published while on the Red Carpet, like Levan Rambin from AMC who I see at many events. Bree on the Red Carpet at the Illutionist premiere the evening before I took the photo above. Hillary Bailey Smith (born May 25, 1957) is an American actress best known for playing Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan on "One Life to Live". (1994) Daytime Emmy Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. She plays a prosecuter on the show, and I think her costume communicates that well. She was so sweet. Asking me a million questions about what it was like to be on a business trip to NYC for an entire year. (not too bad on some days, but miss the boyfriend and family everyday)I was going to say can you believe this women just discovered that Hugh Hughes is the son she gave up for adoption 25 years ago, but now that I looked up her bio I have to say, WOW she looks damn good for 51. Alexandra Neil (born April 7, 1955 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American actress. Previously portraying the role of Jeannie Johnson in the 1980s, Neil returned to the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live in the role of Dr. Paige Miller since January 2006. Spencer (Vickers) Truman (May 25th, 2005 to present) didn't want to pose alone, so he grabbed some strangers. Paul Satterfield orginated the role of Spencer Truman on One Life to Live beginning May 25, 2005. Mr. Truman arrived in Llanview with an agenda and will make trouble for a few citizens in town with whom he shares a past. On this particular day it was about 3 days before his birthday, and he said he was excited to return to California that afternoon, to visit his family and celebrate.Hugh Hughes, Hugh came to Llanview as the new Assistant District Attorney, working closely with both the district attorney's office and the police. Not long after he arrived, Hugh was out with one of the many leggy models he often had on his arm when he ran into Marcie Walsh, who was being ridiculed by other writers after The Killing Club debacle, and gave up his evening to take the drunken Marcie home, where she then threw up on his shoes. This began an unusual friendship between the playboy Hugh and writer Marcie, much to the annoyance of her ex-boyfriend Michael. John Casaubon is currently known for his role as Assistant District Attorney Hugh Hughes on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live, a role he has portrayed since June 2005 and will leave the soap after only one year. He will last air in the fall of 2006. I spoke with him shortly after it was announced he was leaving. He wasn't very happy, as most of the fans I know. We are all perplexed as he just found out that Paige and Spencer are his natural parents. Behind him is David Fumero who is best known for his portrayal of Cristian Vega. He was incredibly nice, he lives nearby and at lunch went to get his dog to walk in Central Park. The always wild and crazy Roxanne "Roxy" Balsom played by Ilene Kristen and her daughter Natalie Buchanan played by Melissa Archer. Melissa is wearing an dog ass ugly bathrobe over her costume. She spent the most of the time practicing her lines where she basically talks to the comatose John, patiently waiting to see if he will re-sign his contract or not. By the afternoon the ink was dry, and John was expected on the set the following week. This weekend you can attend the Broadway Cares Flea Market where many of the OLTL Soap Stars will be there signing autographs, including Illene Kristen, Robin Strasser and David Fuermo. More fans find the soap stars. After talking to these folks, I found out they were from Maryland and every few months they come to NYC to catch a show, and visit their favorite soap stars.Nathaniel Marston joined the cast of One Life to Life in December 2001, originally in the role of Al Holden. After a brush with death, Al received another chance at life in the body of Michael McBain ; Nathaniel was a complete shock to meet. When I first began watching OLTL my favorite character was Michael McBain who appeared to be completely Metrosexual to me, sensitive and G-Rated. Then he became Al, a little edgier and angry. When I went to the "stage door" and met him I was completely shocked because he is really a little edgier, spitting, cursing smoking, a real man's man. He deserves an Emmy, he is a great actor, as he was completely different than I imagined him. After this interaction I decided one visit to OLTL would be enough I am unable to handle this dichotomy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you to you and Marge for sharing these great pics! Keep up the good work!!!!

9/21/2006 8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool pics. I love your comments. The OLTL actors always look so casual very friendly, and I love that they hang outside talking to the fans. They're real cool folks.

9/21/2006 9:17 AM  
Blogger -C said...

Whoa. margcool mentioned you on SoapZone, and if she's cool with you, I'm cool with you. I've bookmarked this site for future, frequent reference. I was shocked about Josh Casaubon's firing. Just when I was getting to fall for him, too. I think you scooped the mags, yo.

9/21/2006 5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Hughie! You have done some awesome celebrity stalking in NYC and you always have something for everyone.

My bud - the kinder, gentler stalker :-)


9/22/2006 10:05 AM  
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