Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reese & Ryan and the Rest of the Story

Now that my story of the fight that Reese & Ryan had at the after party of "Flags of our Father" has been picked up by many news agencies including MSN, NY Daily News, Us, People and VH1 I have decided to put the most significant photos together to tell the "Rest of the Story" - I held back a bit just focusing on the "embarassing" line and not getting into other specifics. Below is Reese and Ryan arrive for the private screening. Normally these screenings are private and someone like me wouldn't know about them, but Cindy Adams was kind enough to drop a hint in her column that day about where it would occur, I just guessed the time and eventually waiting about 2 hours for the arrivals. But look what I got, a photo of the two of them together. Reese alone would have been coup because the last time she was in town, promoting Walk the Line (which I had just seen again the night before), she didn't stop for the fans or photographers at the morning shows. So if you are a regular reader of my blog you know I only got half her face in the shot. (6:49PM)The seemingly happy couple, although now I don't think they look very happy in any of these pictures, pose one last time before heading through the doors of the hotel where the screening is to take place. As this location is located in Tribeca, there really isn't anyone ie tourist around to see the stars walk the "red carpet" here, and the paparazzi usually lets me stand behind them (behind the photographer line) without any problems. If it was more crowded with street people, they would all banish us to the sidewalk and more of an angular shot, and perhaps the security would chase us away.Ryan and Reese walk into the hotel. The reason I shot this was because he wasn't walking very close to Reese, who I believe showed up to the screening to help boost her husbands sagging career, coulodn't he even muster an arm around her to help her on the cobblestone, I mean she flew all this distance and left the babies in someone elses care. Of course 20 minutes later when they emerged, separately, I should have known there was trouble in paradise. (this picture was taken at 7PM)Now for the rest of the story. I mentioned in my earlier post that after awhile (working the press line inside the hotel), Ryan and Reese left the screening (7:45PM). What I didn't say is they left separately. Ryan came out first, refusing to pose, he had his hands in front of his face and he ran to his waiting SUV yelling "I am off the clock don't take my picture", "isn't it her you want to shoot." We were all a bit confused because we didn't see "her" and even had a few minutes to discuss among ourselves that maybe she left a different way, there is a door on the other side. Picture here Ryan in the SUV alone.When Reese emerged after about 3 minutes, it caught me off guard and I missed the shot of her posing one last time, but caught up to get this shot, of course telling her I had just seen "Walk the Line" again last night, and having the words "I bought the movie too!" tumble out of my mouth. She sweetly said thanks. As I fumbled to shoot them both in the car, but the darn driver got in the way of my shot. (7:49PM) And as I wrote in my earlier entry: Later I went to the After Party, or AP as the lingo goes. Now I am not one to gossip, but I hear the two sweethearts exchanged words upstairs, with Reese telling Ryan, "I don't know what you mean by saying I am embarrasing you, how could you say I am embarrasing you?" Then, I said, the partygoer, who was standing close to me while recounting the story to a friend on the phone (really it was to a reporter and a paparazzi, and I waited until the middle of the next day to see if the story would surface since it was told to them and I didn't want to use it, they didn't, all he said on his website (which I read in the morning) was that she looked angry leaving the party, and I later heard the paparazzi attempted to sell the story to one of the glossys [gosh I didn't know you could sell stories] So I wrote about it on my blog), the partygoer said that after the exchange of words Ryan stormed back into the room with the bar and Reese went into the bathroom. About 15 minutes after this incident, they exited the Soho Grand Hotel, where the party was held. She walked ahead of him with a smirked, he looked like he just sucked on a lemon. I was kinda sad to hear they had a little fight, but I saw the movie A Star is Born, and unless this movie is a hit for Ryan, this could continue to be that classic scenario. (This is the last picture of Reese & Ryan together [the other photographers only go side shots, as I ran up to the SUV and rested my back against it and got them walking towards it, and right before the security guards and papparazi trampled me I got this photo; the lengths I go for my blog]. Reese checked out of the hotel the next day and filed for divorce 12 days later) I think she looks relieved in this picture, she probably knew it was the last time she had lend her good name to one of her husbands projects, and instead was thinking "Free at Last, I can dump this "according to many news sources including Us, People, NE & Fox" cheating no good husband of mine"!! And that is the rest of the story!! (12:09AM) A favorite columnist of mine, Roger Friedman who writes Fox411 witness the fight that occurred between Reese & Ryan, but didn't write about it until after she filed for divorce on 10/30/06 (and we now have heard Ryan cheated on her). You can read eyewitness account here:,2933,226399,00.html I on the otherhand must be an unscrupolous blogger like my boyfriend says, but I did waited at least 15hrs to see if any of the professionals on the scene would write about the story, they didn't, so I posted it on my blog. Doesn't that show I have some some scrupples, Mike? A mention of both Roger and I on MSN


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats dude.
You work hard on your site so you deserve it.

11/05/2006 4:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's sad that they split. i really liked them together. reese is smart to dump his ass if he cheated.

11/06/2006 6:54 PM  

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